Our Mission, Goals, & Commitment to our customers

Our Mission:

Precision Handymen set out to help take the stress out of minor repairs, routine maintenance, or wish lists for your home, business, or properties! We all have a growing list of things that need done and things we’d like to do; we’re here to help you check as many boxes off that list as we can!

Our Goal:

Precision Handymen strives to be your dedicated crew for jobs that are better left to professionals. We hope to change the popular conception of tradesmen into friendly faces that you can come to depend on and trust.

The days of hiring fast talking, wallet gouging contractors are over; we take pride in our work and hope that you will too! 

We are driven by values

Collaboration and inclusion are pivotal to our ethics but more importantly, our business model; as they say, teamwork makes the dream work—we take that to heart. Each team member comes from a unique background with a different set of specialties & skills. It’s our mission to match you with the right people for your job! 

Nathan Byers

Sole Proprietor